Café Racer

A high octane ride through the world of custom motorcycles
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The show centers on the team overhauling a Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle into a modern cafe racer, complete with a full aluminum fairing imported from Thailand’s Omega Racer. The 800cc Scrambler was donated to Ton-Up TV by Ducati North America after being set-up as the competition bike for professional racer Frankie Garcia to compete in Roland Sands’ Super Hooligan dirt track series.

· The Future of Fast Bikes Is Here

From the creative minds behind Café Racer, the new streaming video series is a high-octane ride through the world of custom motorcycles. 

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Ton-Up TV will be available on all devices. Stream episodes on smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart TV’s.

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Ton-Up TV runs $1.99 per individual episode or $9.99 for a full season of seven episodes.

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